Solar Wind Tenchnologies

Project 24 - A new concept in solar and wind energy

The Project 24 by American Solar Wind

The “Project 24" is related to generating energy using solar and wind technology powered by the power of nature. Using renewable energy sources like solar and wind power to generate electricity is an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to energy production. Here's how such a project might work:

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  • Latitude & Solar Irradiation

    The closer to the equator, the more sun we get. Ironically, the hotter the solar panel, the less efficient it performs and so peak outputs are often seen on a cold, clear sunny day.

  • Shadows / Shading

    A complete 'no-no' with solar pv. Beware of long mid-winter shadows from tall trees or buildings. Shading has a massive detrimental effect on the output from a solar pv module and needs to be avoided wherever possible

  • Snow

    If snow is to be expected regularly, a steeper tilt angle may be selected for the pv modules. Due to the dark surface of the solar module and the fact it's facing south on a tilt, when the sun shines the snow thaws and slides off fairly quickly.